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At the beginning of 2021 I (David Bonting) started the printer. During my student days I had access to a printer. Often enough I got the question “Hey can you print this for me”. One day I thought “Why don't I put printers in student houses. After all, we already rent our dishwasher and washing machine.” After thinking about this idea for a few hours, I thought “But in 2021 printers are still shit. Why would I place such a device in student houses that only gives errors”.

And that led to the idea of the printer. Let me have the worries of running out of cartridges, printers not connecting to the network, etc. I'll let you choose in a simple menu what you want. In addition, I'll send it to your house, because let's be honest: we're all lazy.


Is there something wrong with your order? Do you want to pass on something? Or do you want to do a custom print job? Feel free to contact me at: is part of Pantir.
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